Play the PokeNFT card games ,collect them, trade them, sell them

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Limited collection: 9,000 NFTs

Launch of our Collection !


Story: The project

PokeNFT is a collection of 9,000 NFT "POKE", on the Polygon blockchain network. Collect NFTs made up of Original, Rare, Super Rare, POKENFTs. As well as Arena Cards. Magic Card, Combat Card, Character Card.

Each member will receive a physical card to collect.
Your collection will grow in value with PokeNFTs and their unique physical card.

All our POKENFTs are different, in their colors, power, attack, protection, magic, level, charactere,  their clothes and their objects. Have fun collecting POKENFTs and fight in arenas!

Grow the POKENFTs community and own the world's largest and rarest collection of cards. Fight, trade your cards, sell and have fun

Very soon, the most prestigious POKENFTs in our collection:
Legendary Poke
Magic Poke
Poke arenas
Poke new character
Some editions will consist of only 1000 NFT will be on sale!
Do not miss this great opportunity to acquire a POKENFT to make your collection exceptional.

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Our commitment and document of authenticity

As a creator of NFT collections, our goal is to guarantee unique and authentic NFTs to ensure their value and rarity over time !

Unique and authentic NFTs to guarantee their value and rarity over time! Our collection will be limited collection and limited edition.

Each person will receive a physical card of their NFT's with their identifier and documents of authenticity


How to buy POKENFTs ?

Our entire collection is available on OPENSEA

On POLYGON blockchain network (formerly MATIC)